Partners of Alianza Lima threaten the Blue and White Fund: “They want us to go home again”

Alianza Lima, which is preparing for its debut in League 1, is going through a new leadership problem because it was rumored that the Blue and white background He would be behind a business in the club, which generated the discomfort of the intimate partners.

“They want us to go home again, move to Paracas for a month or start filing complaints, notarial letters, looking for mutual friends or bad fans who are sold,” began the message of the official account via Twitter of the partners of the Victorian club.

Consequently, the message ended this way: “They are creditors, not directors. Gentlemen of the Blue and White Fund understand that you are creditors. Enough!”. The text of the fans signed that of the Collective, which called for a march for this Thursday.

Alianza Lima: Why is the Blue and White Fund a trend in social networks?

This Tuesday, many Alianza Lima fans were surprised to see the Blue and White Fund among the trends in Peru, because, according to journalistic information, they would be behind a sports management.

“Spanish Toni Cruz Cárdenes could be the new sports director of Alianza Lima. He currently works in Albacete and obtained sporting achievements at UD Las Palmas ”, reported journalist José Varela.

After the data, another journalist from the medium like Coki Gonzáles came to the fore. “Definitely the Blue and White Fund doesn’t understand anything at all. He has a formula that gave him results and he wants to change it because those responsible do not pay attention to his whims of wanting to put players in. Fernando (Farah) you are no longer a child, this is not your textile factory. MATURE! ”, He sentenced.