Pasión de gavilanes 2: All the details of the recordings and premiere on Telemundo

Many remember the Colombian telenovela, ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ by Telemundo, the successful production that is on Netflix, is one of the favorites of adults and children. After several months of speculation about a second season, a press release confirmed the return of Passion of Hawks after 18 years.

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This sequel will tell what happened 20 years after the Reyes brothers made their lives alongside the Elizondo sisters, after defeating their enemies. This new generation of Pasión de Gavilanes is predestined to begin another tragic crime that shakes the family to the core.

What actors will participate in ‘Pasión de gavilanes 2’?

The cast of this second installment will be made up largely of the same actors and characters that were part of the original production: Danna García (Norma), Mario Cimarro (Juan), Paola Rey (Jimena), Juan Alfonso Baptista (Óscar), Natasha Klauss (Sarita). The last to confirm their participation was Michel Brown, who played ‘Franco’.

In addition, other actresses confirmed for the new installment are Zharick León (Rosario Montes), Kristina Lilley (Gabriela Elizondo), Carmenza González (Quintina) and Tatiana Jauregui (Dominga).

Telemundo He also revealed who the new actors will be, including names such as Bernardo Flores, Sebastián Osorio and Juan Manuel Restrepo, they will have the responsibility of interpreting the children of ‘Juan Reyes’ and ‘Norma Elizondo’.

The reunion of the cast of the telenovela Pasión de gavilanes 2

Thus, after the announcement of Telemundo They shared with their fans a video where they see entering what would be a hacienda, they saw him Danna garcia, who plays Norma in Passion of Hawks, looking for her love in the novel Juan Reyes. Once they met, they fell into an emotional hug that was captured in a video.

Now a new video uploaded to the YouTube channel of Telemundo Novelas, you can see in more detail the reunion between the protagonists of the telenovela and also the presence of several actors who make up “Passion of hawks 2”.

In the video he presented Telemundo, Each of the actors gives their point of view on what the second installment of the successful telenovela means to them. At the time of showing the reading of the script, specifically chapter one.

When is the premiere of Pasión de gavilanes 2?

There is still no knowledge when the second season of Passion of Hawks, but what is known is that they have already started recording and most of the main actors have been summoned.

In addition, it is suspected that not only could it be transmitted through Telemundo but that it could also be broadcast by the streaming platform Netflix.