Passenger denounces aggression by a worker at the El Dorado airport in Colombia

A man identified as Juan Ramon Camarillo was attacked with a strong kick by the Migration agent, inside the facilities of the El Dorado airport In colombia. The fact was denounced by a witness, who uploaded the video of the attack to her social networks asking them to help her identify the person responsible.

For his part, Colombian Migration announced the opening of a disciplinary investigation against Jaime Adolfo Sánchez, who has been identified as the person responsible for the attack. “Colombian Migration rejects the behavior of the official that is not allowed under any circumstances. The investigation is beginning in accordance with the Disciplinary Law”, reads the statement released by the institution.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred this Thursday around 9:30 am, when the passenger who was attacked, along with another traveler. Both requested information on alleged problems with the biometric identification machine, which is used to expedite the entry of citizens into the country.

After a word exchange, the official would have assaulted the traveler, as seen in the recorded video. This same man threatened to attack the woman who was recording the events, who was asking for respect for the tourists.

Juan Ramón Camarillo, the young engineer attacked by Migrations Colombia, spoke through a video published in Youtube in which he denounced that the aggression of which he was the victim was an act of racism by the Migration officer.

As detailed, he arrived at the Colombian airport at 9:00 am from Rio de Janeiro. Upon his arrival, he tried to make the biometric registration in one of the arranged machines installed in El Dorado; However, this did not work, so he decided to make a line to be attended by a Colombian Migration officer.

The worker would have responded rudely: “I told him to help me find the solution, then he raised his voice at me, I also raised my voice, there was an exchange of words and At that moment he tells me that he is going to call the Police, I told him to call whoever he wants”, he counted.

While trying to file his complaint, Officer Sánchez attacked him, punching him in the face. Due to his blow, his headphones fell to the ground and when he bent to pick them up, the Immigration officer threw him a kick the one seen in the video.

Camarillo insisted that what happened stems from a racist prejudice by the Immigration officer. Likewise, he complained that no employee of the entity will try to stop the aggressor and that after the events occurred, other officials sought to convince him not to file a complaint.