Pato Parodi and Ignacio Baladán are no longer best friends because of Luciana Fuster, according to Rafael Cardozo

Friendship is over! Patricio Parodi is giving people to talk after spending a few days in Miami with Luciana Fuster, despite the fact that weeks before he said that the EEG production had armed their approach and that they did not really have any romantic relationship. Now it became clear that Ignacio Baladán I would be the most affected by all this.

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Everything was evidenced thanks to Rafael Cardozo placeholder image, who yesterday, Wednesday, January 12, gave an exclusive interview to Más Espectáculos, to talk about his commitment to Carol Reali after 11 years, and ended up being praised by Brunella Horna. Then he spoke about the EEG members.

The radio host was questioned about the situation surrounding Ignacio Baladán, Patricio Parodi Y Luciana Fuster, and he ended up speaking without mincing words when referring to the fact that not everything would be rosy between the three of them, as there would have been a clear distancing in recent months.

Despite the fact that the model at the time was shown next to Pato Parodi and the ‘Chocolatero’ in one of the recordings of La Academia, it is false that everyone would get along, this was assured by the Brazilian LIVE. He made it clear that the friendship between the two reality boys came to an end after the former dated the former partner of the latter.

“I think that this ‘best friends’ thing no longer exists. I have shared with Lucianita, I have traveled to Uruguay with her, at the time she was with Ignacio … and now she is with Patricio, it becomes a bit uncomfortable, it will not be the same friendship as before, “he said. Rafael Cardozo.

Brunella Horna asks Patricio Parodi to make Luciana Fuster official: “You don’t travel to Miami with friends”

Without mincing words, the businesswoman said everything she thinks of More Shows last Friday, January 7, and she went with everything to ensure what the relationship of the reality boys is for her after seeing their meeting in Miami.

Brunella Horna assured that Patrick Parodi Y Luciana Fuster yes they are together with a curious phrase. “I think that with that it is official, the relationship between Luciana Fuster and Patricio Parodi is already official. I have many friends, but I travel to Miami with no one,” he said. When listening to her partner, Valeria Piazza also spoke out and assured that they are not just friends anyway. “What friendship is that? No one is kissing,” he said, to which ‘Baby Bru’ replied: “Of course, there is no denying it either.”