Patricia Ascuasiati and Marylouise Ventura: two artistic glories run over by a fatal accident

Patricia Ascuasiati and Marylouise Ventura were more than friends, sisters of life and dance who are now in the worst scenario of their lives.

Two women with abundant artistic merits and paths to glory that now collide against a hell of complaints, rumors and secrets after the accident in which they are involved and that led one to martyrdom in a hospital and the other to a cursed prison waiting for a judge to decide their fate before the accusation of homicide that the Public Ministry sustains against him.

Until 4:30 p.m. on February 15 The lives of Ascuasiati and Ventura were covered in artistic glories and, facing the public, they were two passionate dancers, two women who have made great contributions to Dominican dance and obligatory references for a whole generation of young people.

More than 40 years as a dancer and choreographer credit Patricia Ascuasiati as a living symbol of Dominican dance, to which she not only put her body, but also gave her whole soul with passion and love.

Ascuasiati is defined by professionals in the area of ​​dance as a tireless creator and enthusiastic artist who, in addition to excelling as a dancer and choreographer, has been an actress and teacher for several generations.

Likewise, the artistic planting of Marylouise Ventura He is commendable with his highly praised steps during four decades in the world of dance, an art to which he gave all his gifts.

At the Dominican National Ballet, where she became prima ballerina, founder and director on an interim basis 2003/2004, she built many of her dreams and encouraged those of many others who are passionate about this artistic discipline.

She also did the same as national director of dance and witnessed the first promotion of the National School of Dance (Endanza) and the first National Dance Festival.

Their inspiring lives turned upside down that fateful February 15 when misfortune crossed the Duarte highway, near kilometer 40, in Villa Altagracia, on the way to Santo Domingo, muting the audience for being such loved and respected people in the Dominican cultural sector, who received with a wave of astonishment this sea of versions around the road accident.

At first it was thought to be an apparent road accident, but as the hours passed the rumors rose like dust on the road and other versions were already woven.

The General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (Digesett) expressed its version of the event the day after the event: “Ascuasiati was seriously injured when he was checking a tire and his companion rolled the supposedly accidental vehicle.”

+ A serious complaint

However, a cousin of Patricia, Alfau Ascuasiati, gave voice to the comments of strangeness or surprise that went from group to group in the whatsapp by making a serious complaint: “Patricia Ascuasiati was an attempted murder by Marylouise Fortune. Patricia didn’t want her to keep driving, she pulled up in front of her and Marylouise ran over her, ran over her, backed up and ran over her again. She left her and other people took her to the hospital.”

The relative of the veteran dancer indicated that she would have declared the attempted murder, before being sedated in the medical center.

Alfau added that Maryloise did not go to the hospital or accompany Patricia in the ambulance.

Patricia was already in the Plaza de la Salud, struggling between life and death, when Marylouise appeared in a voice note that circulated in groups of friends and colleagues.

In the audio, a sobbing Ventura tries to explain what happened to a person close to her: “The only thing I can tell you is that things happen. It wasn’t my fault, it was her vehicle and I did what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to stop driving. She wanted to drive… I can’t explain that to you like that… and she stood up in front of the vehicle while I was getting out of the vehicle.”

Then she added in the voice note: “Her own ex-husband told me, that’s Patricia. I’m on the side of the road, trying to get out…that’s not my car, to put the parking lot, I’m used to it upstairs and it was downstairs…she She had had a fall, she told me you’re going to run me over and she fell, that’s what happened. I’m setting up the parking lot. People tell me to move the car, but she was under it. We pulled her out…she had her nose with blood, he screwed up his hip.”

Marylouise Ventura said that everything was fine between them and that “it was a whim of hers to ask me for the vehicle and I had to do what she told me.”

Then he pointed out in what he hears in the audio: “Everything was so good, perfectly arriving at the capital, he got a pod right out of the box… that’s the only thing I can tell you. Everyone finding out and saying that I left. I am turned into a nonsense, Patricia is my sister.

Before the complaint of Patricia’s family and other gathered elements gave cause to the Public Ministry to request the arrest of Marylouise.

The Public Ministry of Villa Altagracia then explained that what happened was after an argument, while both dancers were traveling along the Duarte Highway, aboard the vehicle driven by Ventura.

According to the preliminary investigation, in the middle of the argument, Marylouise stopped because Patricia demanded that she be allowed to take control of the wheel for alleged security reasons.”

When they stopped, Ventura Garrido ran over Ascuasiati Domínguez, adds the Prosecutor’s Office.

“Although a person who was traveling on the Duarte Highway in another vehicle alerted her to the body that had been run over under the vehicle, the accused again backed up the car and passed it over the victim,” the text continues.

According to the testimony collected by the prosecutors, Marylouise left the place where the event occurred towards her residence, located in West Santo Domingo, while other people who were traveling along the Duarte highway helped the victim.

Last Thursday afternoon, Marylouise was arrested and charged with suspected attempted murder. against Ascusiati Domínguez, in violation of articles 2, 295, 304 of the Dominican Penal Code.

Last Sunday, the Court of Permanent Attention of Villa Altagracia postponed for this Wednesday 2 knowledge of the measure of coercion against Ventura.

The court made the decision to adjourn the hearing for that day at 10:00 in the morning so that the defendant’s defense can take note of the file, manage budgets and prepare their means of defense.

The Public Ministry alleges that it has different “testimonial, documentary, expert and material” evidence that establishes the link between the accused and the fact and that justifies her being sent to prison.

+ investigations

The report indicates that both were traveling aboard the car driven by Ventura Garrido, who, when stopping to the right, on the Duarte highway, intentionally ran over Ascuasiati Domínguez.

According to the instance, the fact was motivated because the victim would have demanded the Marylouise to stop the vehicle to the right in order to drive the rest of the way to Santo Domingo, since he was driving recklessly.

The judicial documentary states that upon reaching Km. 40 of the Duarte Ventura Highway, he took the right and stopped the vehicle, at which time the victim opened the front passenger door, dismounted from the car, and moved towards the front part.

When Ascuasiati Domínguez prepared to cross in front of the car, alleges the Public Ministry, she was suddenly run over by Ventura, who ran over her, leaving the victim trapped under the right front tire of the vehicle.

This Wednesday’s hearing would shed more light on an unexpected tragedy for two women who for four decades built an unbreakable friendship linked by their love of dance and a country that today cannot believe that they are in those scenarios of pain and anguish.