Patricia Barreto: “The characters are like little teachers”

Patricia Barreto stars in the new production of América TV, a comedy with a dose of satire written by the late playwright and television scriptwriter Víctor Falcón. “He wrote the plot more than 10 years ago, it was initially intended for Tula Rodríguez. Eduardo Adrianzén updated the story for modern times ”, producer Michelle Alexander commented in a conference by Zoom.

In the story, Maricucha (since Monday, 9:30 pm) is a Physiotherapy student who arrives in Lima and due to lack of employment, enters to work as a kitchen employee at the home of Don Antonio (Gustavo Bueno), a billionaire, A widower and “fed up” of being the only person responsible for the Corbachos, described as a “crazy family, with ambitious and indifferent members”. But, despite some similarities with the context and the profession, the actress anticipates that there are no major coincidences with the classic soap opera and that her character changes the status quo in the family. “Maricucha not only has a high sense of self-improvement, but she does not feel less than anyone else, she feels that she has all the capabilities and that is the beauty of rethinking this type of series, soap opera, comedy, which would traditionally be done with a person submissive and ends up being engulfed in the kitchen. It does not go around at all and that is positive. She has the opportunity not only to show her intelligence, but to show what all women, entrepreneurs, are ”.

In the soap opera, Barreto is once again directed by the director of the film Don’t tell me a spinster, Ani Alva. He says that he is always looking for his characters to teach him lessons. “I want to really care about the welfare of the other, is what I aspire to. I feel like it can be a personal discourse as an actress, to be an agent of change, which is what I want to do with my career. Sometimes it plays against you as the character, helping everyone is always a responsibility. I feel that that is what it will bring: joy, fun and it will help people disconnect — for a little while at least — from those problems that we are experiencing, in the context in which they find themselves. It is deep down what I would like to be, a little bit the characters that I choose, that teach me and I learn from them, they are like little teachers ”.

In the soap opera, the actress will also show her facet in music, which began a year ago with the single ‘El amor (no) existe’. “It comes at a point in my career where I am aware, mature, and able to embrace the situation that I find myself in. I am happy to work with such talented colleagues. “

For her part, the producer Michelle Alexander added that, although they hope to continue with the audience they achieved with ‘Luz de Luna’, it will not drive the writers “crazy”. “I had a time when I didn’t sleep because of the rating, if it dropped 3 points. I want to be successful, of course I am, I am not going to lie, but now I am not dying if I am 2 or 3 ″. With this production, Gustavo Bueno works for the first time with the production company and will make a fictional partner with the leading actress Haydeé Cáceres.❖