Patricia Barreto: Who is the protagonist of Maricucha, the new telenovela of América TV?

Very soon it will hit the screens of America Television a new production: “Maricucha”. The actress Patricia barreto will return to the screens with the leading character in this new soap opera. Barreto is a renowned actress who was also part of “Los Vílchez”, she will be the protagonist and will captivate us with her funny character.

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In the preview images of “Maricucha”, will feature renowned actors from “Al fondo hay Sitio” and “De Vuelta al barrio” such as Lazslo Kovacs, Gustavo Bueno and Milene Vásquez. There will also be Andrés Vílchez, Stephanie Oué, among others.

What will “Maricucha” be about?

In an exclusive interview for “You are in all”, the actress revealed that the telenovela, which will be released on the small screen very soon, will narrate the life of a provincial girl, very optimistic, happy who gets in trouble for trying to fix life of others.

“Maricucha is a girl who comes from the province. She is super positive, optimistic, entrepreneurial, she wants the good for everyone, although sometimes that works against her because sometimes she gets into trouble. She arrives in the capital with all her dreams and She doesn’t know where to start. She meets Don Toñito, they meet and together they come up with a plan. “

Who is Patricia Barreto?

Patricia barreto is a Peruvian film, theater and television actress. He has national and international training in dramatic art, singing and acrobatics.

She has stood out in the theater, in 2018 she returned to television fiction with the family series Los Vílchez, from the Pro tv production company, and at the same time she was summoned to star in the film Don’t tell me a spinster.