Patricia González: “Quality in the health service is non-negotiable to obtain useful results”

Upon returning from her postgraduate studies and from working at the Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia, in 1959, Amada Pittaluga de González arrived in her native country with a suitcase full of dreams that today are a consummate reality: the creation of Amadita Laboratorio Clínico.

Sixty-two years have not gone unnoticed, because today the quality and good service that Amadita provides every day is evident, as its users affectionately call it.

They currently have 48 branches, distributed throughout the national territory and with a portfolio of services and products carefully designed to meet customer expectations, supported by constant and interactive monitoring of quality management indicators.

Its reliable clinical analyzes, handled with responsibility and seriousness, with careful treatment of patients and serving as a source of work for thousands of Dominicans, are other characteristics that place it as a benchmark when it comes to the clinical laboratory.

“Something that characterizes us, and we could say that it is the constant search to improve processes according to advances in science and technology. Our great passion has always been quality service to our patients, to offer clinically useful results for disease prevention and health recovery ”. This is indicated by Dr. Patricia González Pittaluga, executive president of the aforementioned laboratory, when celebrating 62 years.

Visibly moved, González Pittaluga adds: “This is an anniversary that we celebrate with a series of actions, and with excellent news of the most recent innovations, which consolidate us as the pioneer of a series of services and which demonstrate our vocation to take care of health. of the Dominicans ”, comments the executive who also lets it be known that they are according to the times and the needs of their users.

As part of a complete proposal, this laboratory has the main international accreditations. The quality of laboratory tests is constantly evaluated through various Interlaboratory Comparison Programs. Which translates as reliable tests for the necessary procedures.

Good news
The year 2021 has been a year of many challenges, but full of satisfaction for Amadita, as it has expanded its catalog with new and important tests, the most recent being the Alzheimer’s panel of biomarkers. Thus becoming the first laboratory in the Dominican Republic to process this test, and the second in all of Latin America to offer it.

“We are proud to make this panel available to the Dominican medical class for the benefit of patients and the entire community,” says the executive.

Its future plans are to closely follow scientific research and technological advances to continue working on improving the customer experience with technological innovation and the digitization of services.

Its expansion plans are not far behind. By the end of this year they open branch number 50, in addition to the incorporation of new service channels and the integration of new technologies.

Regarding technological innovation, they continue to strengthen the service and technological platform they already have.

“Our research and technology team does not rest on the constant search for new alternatives to improve our service, expand the catalog of available tests and purchase new diagnostic technologies,” concludes Patricia González, who also thanked the medical community for its continuous support and work shoulder to shoulder; the loyalty of its customers, the support and growth that, thanks to everyone, this laboratory has today.