Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster were stopped by the police and asked for videos with greetings

The reality boys Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster were stopped by the police when the captain of the warriors was driving his car with tinted windows. The curious thing is that the troops ended up asking for videos with their respective greetings.

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Unlike Paolo Guerrerowho was asked for a photo, this time, the members of the National Police asked Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster some videos with their greetings, apparently because they or perhaps their relatives are fans of the “Esto Es Guerra” program.

After getting the greetings of patrick parodythe police let the reality boys go, who decided through their social networks to explain what had happened, apparently to avoid misunderstandings. Luciana Fuster He was the one who said that the troops always stop them because of the tinted windows that ‘Pato’s’ car has.

“Friends, at 3 in the morning, when we finished recording, our police friends always stop us because their car is willing and with tinted windows,” he said. Luciana Fuster, While patrick parody He also reaffirmed the same. Even both of them decided to send greetings to the South Squad again.

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Maju Mantilla talks about Luciana Fuster in Miss Peru

Maju Mantilla was consulted by URPI-LR about the participation of the model Luciana Fuster in the beauty pageant, Miss Peru. The brand new host of “Arriba mi gente” questioned why the reality girl has not fought for the crown so far, since she has all the qualities.

“I think Luciana has doubted a lot, because for years they have been calling for her to participate. I don’t know what discourages her,” he said. Maju Mantillawho believes that Luciana Fuster is not afraid, but doubts about her participation.