Patricio Parodi and the time he was framed in Cancun: what happened to the reality boy in Mexico?

Sultry. TO patrick parody He is not only known for participating in the reality show “This is war“, but also for being involved in controversial anecdotes. In one of his trips through cancun He participated in a bad anecdote with the Mexican police, as revealed by his castmates, Mario Irrivaren and Mario Hart in a podcast interview “COM.FM“. If you want to know the reason why the ‘Duck’ was framed, continue reading the note.

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Why was Patricio Parodi framed in Cancun?

In a podcast on the show Mario Irrivaren issued by Youtube, where he interviewed Mario Hart, the reason why Patricio Parodi was intervened by the Mexican authority was revealed. The well-known “Chato” explained that on a vacation trip with several reality boys, they went to a disco in Cancun and Parodi left the nightclub to urinate, the police immediately appeared to take him framed, but they reached an agreement and solved the fact .

Mexico: How much is the fine for urinating in the street?

In Mexico, the law establishes that any citizen who urinates on public roads and who violates the cleanliness of the streets must be punished with 11 to 20 days of minimum wage, equivalent to between 2,281 pesos and 4,148 Mexican pesos. In case the offender does not pay the fine, the Mexican police will arrest him between 13 and 24 hours.