Patricio Parodi: Who is Majo Parodi, your sister and how did you start your friendship with Flavia Laos?

The reality boy’s younger sister, Patricio Parodi, Majo Parodi, has taken center stage in recent weeks after it became known that she is pregnant with a baby girl, for which her entire family is extremely excited and counting the days to meet her. But who exactly is Majo Parodi and how did he start his friendship with Flavia Laos?

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Who is Majo Parodi, sister of Patricio Parodi?

Majo Parodi is one of Patricio Parodi’s younger sisters and has a twin sister named María Fernanda Parodi, with whom she also shares an Instagram account under the name “@twosidesblog”.

In this social network, both young women share photos together of their trips and also, they usually publish snapshots in bikinis, since both are very fond of exercise routines, which they usually share in their ‘stories’, in addition to nutrition tips to stay fit.

Majo Parodi studied nutrition at the University of Navarra, in Spain, from which she managed to graduate last year in a ceremony whose photos were shared by herself on her Instagram account. Extremely excited she wrote: “Officially-2021”.

After graduation, he preferred to return to our country and explained the reasons. “The fact of having my family here, the comforts that I have here… I was having a bad time (outside of Peru). In the end, thinking about it a bit, I decided to come, it was the best decision I have ever made. Although I miss Spain, “he said through Instagram.

But the most recent that is known about Majo Parodi is that she is pregnant at only 23 years old and her family, including her mother Verónica Costa and Patricio Parodi, are extremely happy to the point that they were present at her “sex reveal” where they knew their baby would be a girl.

How did the friendship between Majo Parodi and Flavia Laos start?

The friendship between Majo Parodi and Flavia Laos arose as a result of the relationship between the reality boy, Patricio Parodi, and the young actress from the novel “Come dance quinceañera”. It is during these years that both young women would have become more friends.

But their friendship with both has not only had Patricio Parodi as its axis, but the sisters of ‘Pato’ together with Flavia Laos have worked in photo shoots for clothing brands, in addition to having spent time doing exercise routines to keep fit .

The degree of friendship between Majo Parodi and Flavia Laos is so great that the young woman even invited the actress to reveal the sex of her baby on the way, an event where she was reunited with her ex-partner Patricio Parodi. After attending, Laos herself was in charge of posting photos and videos of the meeting to make it clear that both are good friends even though they are no longer “family.”

“You don’t know how happy this news makes me, you are like a sister to me and your happiness is mine. The niece is going to be very spoiled hee. I already knew she was a little woman ”, wrote Flavia Laos in one of her stories.