Patricio Parodi’s mother praises Luciana Fuster and supports her in Miss Grand Peru: “I send you a big kiss”

Very friends! Luciana Fuster is in the public eye after announcing her participation in Miss Grand Peru 2023. The young woman is in a good personal moment after achieving one of her dreams of being part of a beauty pageant. her boyfriend’s mother patrick parodyVerónica Costa, did not hesitate to come forward to give her support and make it very clear that they do not have a bad relationship.

In the recent edition of ‘Send who sends‘, the emotional greeting of the mother of ‘Pato’ towards the influencer was known, who is preparing to surprise in the contest and be the next representative to Miss Grand International. Verónica Costa highlighted the great affection that she feels for her and spoke about the trip that Fuster had with Patricio Parodi for her anniversary.

YOU CAN SEE: Verónica Costa wishes Luciana Fuster luck in Miss Grand Peru: “She knows that I love her very much”

At first, the reporter’The Chinese’ He asked him about his ‘daughter-in-law’, so ‘Vero’ reacted immediately. “More than happy, we must also send a greeting to the daughter-in-law, she is participating in Miss Grand Peru. In other words… a message for her,” said the communicator. Given this, the mother of the family responded very calmly.

“I know, I know, I’ve seen her. I send a kiss to Lucianita. She knows that I love her very much and I wish her the best of luck,” she said. She then was encouraged to give her some advice, but she denied having participated in any beauty contest. Meanwhile, she was very confident in the achievement of ‘Lu’.

“Complete security, apart from she has it, she doesn’t need it. Lucianita is safe when she walks, she works super well. (…) I haven’t had a chance to talk to her, the last time I saw her was at the farewell request for the hand of Maria Fernanda”, he expressed. In this way, he ruled out having a bad relationship with her, as was rumored on many occasions.

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