Patricio’s sisters behind ampay: “If there are no codes, there is nothing” [FOTOS]

Chollywood burns. In the last hours, the only thing that is spoken is about the sounded ampay of Luciana Fuster and Patricio Parodi, in the images released by Magaly Medina, the model is shown dancing and enjoying herself at the top of her lungs after kissing Pato.

This notorious scandal brought with it many doubts and criticisms from those who have Luciana in their sights, as it would not be the first time that he was linked to someone who is from his friendships.

It should be remembered that precisely Patrick Parodi is the ex-partner of Flavia Laos, the blonde model and the reality boy They ended a few months ago, however, now everything seems to have been forgotten.

Patricio Parodi: his sisters were very close friends of Flavia Laos

As we mentioned before, Pato’s sisters, Mafer and Majo ParodiThey were always in a good friendly relationship with the ex of the model, Flavia LaosWell, even after the three girls finished they were seen together.

Now, after all the scandal, the Parodi sisters were consulted by their followers, who asked about ‘the codes of friendship’, there, the girls did not keep quiet at all and revealed their feelings. Will it be small for Pato?

Ampay! Luciana Fuster and Patricio Parodi have a passionate kiss in Paracas, according to Magaly TV

According to the Magaly TV preview: La Firme, Luciana Fuster and Patricio Parodi would have more than a simple friendship, as they were captured in a passionate chape inside Yate.

Today on Magaly TV: La Firme. Ampay! The kiss that everyone wanted to see today we show you exclusively“, it is possible to hear the voice-over of the show program of ATV which promises to give more clues as to what is really going on with the reality Guys couple.

Patricio took Luciana Fuster to his “bunker” after a trip and made her a fiery dance

The Amor y Fuego show program took exclusive images of Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster arriving at their ‘love nest’ after a trip to Paracas.

After the honeymoon in Paracas, Pato Parodi took La Fuster to his bunker. But, after the images that we saw yesterday, it was eloquent, it was evident, they are going to their house and, in addition, the sisters have come out to face common, it seems to me they have come out in favor of Flavia, “he said of mischievous way Rodrigo gonzalez when presenting the note.

Patricio Parodi spoke via social networks after being caught with Luciana Fuster at home.