Pedro Aquino confesses that he does not see the Qatar 2022 World Cup: “I still feel the pain of not qualifying”

For Pedro Aquino, 2022 was a year with a “bitter taste”, since he did not meet either of his two goals at the club or national team level: winning the Liga MX with América and qualifying for the World Cup with Peru. This was stated by the midfielder himself in an extensive interview with the newspaper Líbero.

The 27-year-old footballer also spoke about his present at the eagles club, the possibility of migrating to a more competitive league, the differences between Ricardo Gareca and Juan Reynoso and a possible return to Sporting Cristal. Review here the best statements of him.

“It has been a year with a bitter taste of not being able to qualify. I’m not watching the World Cup. I am not one to watch football, (it is) better to be with the family. And I don’t want to see the World Cup because I still have the pain of not being able to qualify”.

“In that match (against Australia) we believed that we were already classified, that we were already going to the World Cup and everything, but they are things of destiny. There was also overconfidence. Similar to what happened to Argentina with Saudi Arabia? Exact. I saw the result, but not the game, but yes, excessive confidence and already believing yourself to be a favorite sometimes doesn’t work”.

“In fact, penalties are a bit of luck. It was just my turn to kick, but when the person is confident and wants to kick it, you have to give him the chance. Valera and Advíncula are great players and well, they kicked, they missed and even the best in the world fails”.

“We are bringing a lot of life to the Australia goalkeeper already. We must stop talking about him because who knows him? I didn’t know him before the game and today I don’t even see the World Cup, nor do I feel like he’s a goalkeeper from another world”.

“They are different technicians, different knowledge, but very well. Professor Reynoso has very good ideas that are going to help us a lot and Professor Ricardo at the time also had the idea of ​​him and it was good. There would be no comparison, they are different coaches and they both do it in the right way”.

“What Professor Reynoso is doing (testing new players) is a very good thing. At the time there were not so many opportunities. In my case, when he was just growing up, there was not so much that possibility of having a chance in the national team ”.

“I try to work to be able to start, but this year I think that maybe my partner had the opportunity, he took advantage of it and that’s it, everything happens because of the likes out there. I can’t do anything with it anymore and I just have to keep working. I still have a contract for two more years with América, where I am very happy and, as I say again, I would like to play every game, but that’s how things are”.

“Yes, there was an option for the Premier League, in fact my agent is always informing me of things, but today I am a player for América and I am very happy there. I do not close the doors of Europe because it is my dream and what I love the most”.

“They know that I am a staunch fan and I know that Cristal comes in the best way, with her beautiful fans and is the best in Peru. God willing I can return to Cristal, in due time, when I have to return to Peru. My dream is to retire at Cristal and win titles”.