Pedro Araujo, Jazmín Pinedo’s lover, says he does not know Gino Assereto: “I have not spoken to him”

Pedro Araujo, the Uruguayan who conquered the heart of Jazmín Pinedo, spoke with “Love and Fire”. For the first time, the foreigner spoke for a television camera and told how long they have known each other and if he has already seen the ex-partner of the television host, Gino Assereto.

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the uruguayan Pedro Araujo revealed having met Jasmine Pinedo four or five months ago, at his cousin’s wedding and ruled out that what they are living in Lima is exactly a honeymoon. “I loved Peru”, was the first thing the foreigner said to “Love and Fire”.

“We’ve known each other for a few months now. We met at my cousin’s wedding, that was 4 or 5 months ago, we’ve seen each other several times. Any questions ask her. I’ll leave her there,” he added Pedro Araujowho would be the current couple of Jasmine Pinedo.

thenPedro Araujo was consulted about Gino Assereto, to which the Uruguayan ruled out meeting the reality boy. “I don’t know him. I haven’t talked to him,” he replied for the cameras in “Love and Fire”.

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What did Jazmín Pinedo say when she found out that she had interviewed Pedro Araujo?

Jasmine Pinedo was approached by the reporter from “Love and Fire” after interviewing Pedro Araujo. The host of América Televisión said that she could not speak because she has a signed contract and apparently she did not like the presence of the press very much.

Next, the “Amor y Fuego” reporter congratulated Jasmine Pinedo to have found in love with Pedro AraujoHowever, the popular chinita asked her to let her experience it in privacy, and then drive away with her car.