Pedro Capó: “My biggest dream is to show up in Altos de Chavón”

SANTO DOMINGO. When Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Pedro Capó decided to title his latest song “Gracias”, he did not do so by chance.

The artist revealed to Diario Libre that he has many things to be grateful for and for that reason there was no better headline for this new album cycle, his first single in six months, whose video clip is available on all digital music platforms.

“I am happy to always return to present music, in a moment of great enthusiasm. I felt that, I felt that the times asked to talk about what we can all have and gratitude is an excellent starting point, I always hang on there, regardless, “he said.

And he continued: “For me to give thanks when I get up is what works for me, regardless of what happens I hang on there, I give thanks, I enjoy that moment and I feel that my day takes another swing”, He expressed when describing the reason for the name of his new song.

This song is part of his next album, which will be presented in May next year, where “Gracias” is the first proposal; the next one will be out in January. “Already in May we will release the album with a tour,” he said.

In these presentations, the Dominican Republic will not be missing and he made it known, in fact, he confessed that one of his great musical dreams is to present a recital in Altos de Chavón, a setting that he defined as magical and that lends itself to a Show more intimate with the Dominican public who he says has supported his career so much.

“I am crazy to return to the DR, my dream setting, and I am very honest, it is Altos de Chavón, so I hope it gives me to be in that place where so many great artists have passed,” he confessed, and admitted that he would like to also make cinema in the country.

Music for Pedro is “expression, harmonizing melodies and honesty”. And it goes further.

“Music for me has been a balm, salvation, therapy, vocation, work, many things in one, and it has always been an element to elevate when I have needed it most, it is honesty,” he said.

“In these times I think that (honesty) is needed or at least, it is where I look and can propose,” said the artist.

As has happened with other artists, the confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic has served Capó to further exploit his creativity, something that is evidenced in this single. “These times have been the most energetic moments, because we have all been through the same thing, we have been estranged,” he said.

“And this process – he continues – has led us to be introspective, to discover ourselves and to reinvent ourselves; that, of course, greatly nurtures creativity ”, he reiterates, although he acknowledged that all this time he missed the stage a lot.

For him, all this has served to make music shorten distances. Now it is common to see many artists requesting Latinos to be part of their albums, something that was very complicated.

“It’s something wonderful, it seems incredible to me … I feel that music, especially on the Latin side, is in a special moment. I think it has a lot to do with the contributions of our colleagues in the urban genre and with the way music is consumed nowadays ”, he assured.

“I have several versions of myself. I do not believe in vetoing art or limiting the expression of anyone, but I feel that we should contribute from those spaces, and not limit ourselves to talking about things that simply give us numbers “, reflected the singer-songwriter.