Pedro Loli breaks his silence and defends Fiorella Méndez after ampay: “No one is a holy dove”

Peter Loli gave an interview to the program “Magaly TV, la firma” about her relationship with her ex-partner Fiorella Mendez also mother of his son. At one point, he was consulted by the ampay who starred in the communicator with the sports journalist Óscar del Portal, who shook the world of entertainment because he was married.

The cumbia singer revealed what he did during that time, when Fiorella Méndez was in the eye of the storm because he received a shower of criticism. The artist recalled that he was also unfaithful and put himself in the place of her ex-partner to defend her.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I had a very bad time, so I know how one can feel. She will always have my support, she is the mother of my son and all I want is for her to feel good, “he said.

The former member of Grupo 5 assured that anyone can make a mistake. “Nobody is a holy dove, but there we go trying to improve as people. We have a son that we have to see, ”she limited.

When asked about the presence of Óscar del Portal in the list of Fiorella Méndez’s Instagram followers, Pedro Loli avoided giving a clear opinion on the matter and mentioned that he would only refer to family issues before the press.

“I can’t tell you absolutely anything about that person. What they do on their part is already up to them, I only see the family issue, ”she concluded.

At the end of 2019, three young men accused Peter Loli of having been unfaithful to Fiorella Méndez. In statements for “Magaly TV, the firm”, the women assured that the singer went out with them as a couple and always denied having a relationship with the communicator.

The artist was even caught with one of the aforementioned women in his truck. This generated a scandal for infidelity, which two years later, in 2021, triggered the separation of both.