Pedro Pascal asks Chileans to vote for the leftist candidate Gabriel Boric Font

Pedro Pascal joins the political situation in Chile around the 2021 presidential elections and expressed his support for the left-wing candidate Gabriel Boric Font, representative of the Party Approve Dignity. The famous actor called on his compatriots and urged them to vote for a “leader committed to democracy.”

The message was published by the politician himself on his official Twitter account and he did not hesitate to appreciate the gesture made by the star of The Mandalorian despite the fact that he currently resides in the United States.

“Thank you @ PedroPascal1. This is the way ”, was the answer left by the candidate for the Palacio de La Moneda.

Pedro Pascal sent a video in which he expressed his support for Gabriel boric and with which he also made it clear that he considers it the option that will guarantee democracy in Chile.

Hi, I’m Pedro Pascal and I want to invite you to vote for a leader committed to democracy and to move forward wholeheartedly. This December 19 vote 1, vote for Gabriel Boric ”, he is heard saying in the clip broadcast on social networks.

This is not the first time that the Hollywood artist has endorsed Gabriel Boric’s candidacy. Weeks ago, he even taught his followers how to stamp a polo shirt with the candidate’s name.

Pedro Pascal He is not the only actor who has supported the leftist Gabriel Boric. Stars like Roger Waters and Gael García Bernal also invited Chileans to support the Approve Dignity candidate prior to the 2021 presidential elections in Chile.

“Go out to vote, if I were Chilean I would vote for Gabriel Boric, but from here I send you strength and greetings,” said the Mexican.