Pedro Suárez Vértiz deletes publication where he applauds that his ‘nephew’ is scolded by his father

He did it again! In the last hours the singer-songwriter Pedro Suárez Vértiz returned to the controversy of social networks and later the media, as they applauded the scolding of the young man’s father who wanted to pass with serene curfew.

As it is remembered, this scene became so viral that it will even be parodied by the comedian Carlos Alvarez It will take you to the small screen, as it generated a series of comments and opinions on networks.

One of the many opinions that generated controversy was that of the Peruvian artist, who did not hesitate to applaud the reaction of the father of the viral video and point out that the young man was his ‘nephew’ as a form of expression that he thought funny.

“Dear Claudio, you have no idea how proud I am of you. Not only for being one of the best sound engineers in all of Latin America (…), but for your excellent role as a father with my nephew Stefano. since he was born, “he wrote.

“There was an infamous verbal attack against Serenazgo, yes. But previously there was an infamous physical attack against your son,” he sentenced, generating comments in his publication.

After the wave of comments and many users who returned to trolling him asking that his social networks be removed, the singer went back to publish noting that what was previously written was deleted.

“At the request of my friend Claudio Orlandini, I proceeded to delete today’s publication. Thanks for understanding ”, it reads. What will have happened?

Pedro Suárez Vértiz considers Beto Ortiz as the journalist of the year

Pedro Suárez Vértiz referred to the most prominent figures of 2021 and considered that Beto Ortiz is the journalist of the year.

“Journalist of the year, according to Pedrito Suárez Vértiz. You have to be a brave man like him – and to be above good and evil – to command this ailing ranking and laugh out loud at the plaintive howl of the trolls, “he wrote.