Pedro Suárez Vértiz shares a tender photograph of his family for Christmas

The Peruvian singer, Pedro Suárez Vértiz took advantage of the end of the year dates to greet his close to a million followers, and send a heartfelt message for Christmas, along with an emotional snapshot with his young children and his wife, Cynthia Martínez.

“Today is Christmas Eve! A moment of reflection, of living the present intensely, of being with the family and of course, looking for friends who are also like family. A magical time to live in the same way nostalgia and illusion, and to think about Jesus and all the dreams we want for the future, “he said at first.

Christmas invades the atmosphere from the first day of the month and it is impossible not to remember the beautiful things of the year that is already ending,” reads the first part of his message.

Likewise, the interpreter of ‘My car was a frog’ advised his followers to call their parents, talk with their children and answer their questions.

“Tell each other I love you. That is the seed of happiness at home. And always remember that there is no better gift than a letter. I wish that families living in extreme poverty receive the necessary help to survive hunger and cold”, he asserted.

Who is Cinthya Martinez?

Cinthya Martinez He spent most of his childhood in Miami, where he studied elementary school. Some time later he returned to Peru and entered high school at the San Antonio de Padua school. It was during his last school years that he met Pedro Suarez-Vertiz.

According to her professional information, she held the position of Commercial Executive, Commercial Director, Marketera, among others, in different companies. In 1994 she had her first daughter, and then two more children with the interpreter.