Peluchín asks Rosángela to return money for “not saying anything”: “Renzo has paid you” [VIDEO]

He did not reveal the secrets he kept. The television host Rodrigo gonzalez It was evidenced that roast was recontracted after the model Rosángela Espinoza refused to answer several questions that he and his colleague Gigi Miter they launched him to find out more about his stay in This is war. Well, despite the fact that the exchica reality told some things that were not known, it would not have met the expectations of the program and Peluchín He did not hesitate to ask her to return the payment for the interview.

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“You enter the game and the show, but you are really showing us now that this was a character of yours because now that you are free and you do not have a contract (with América TV), you are tying yourself up and you look like a geisha from América TV”, The presenter of shows commented at first very annoyed when she did not hear any response from the popular ‘Selfie Girl’.

Faced with this situation, the popular instagramer He also ended up sticking his spoon in and without mincing words ended up kicking his guest out, ensuring that she was paid to be on the set of Love and fire, but that until now there would be nothing worth paying, that is why neither short nor lazy asked him to return the money for the interview, and he warned his producer Renzo madrid having been “scammed.”

“You boast of being foul-mouthed and of not keeping quiet about anything, but since you’ve arrived here you haven’t said anything. You’ve cried when you’ve started to say something and then nothing … If Renzo (Madrid) has paid you, I’m going to say that you return the money … Yes, Renzo (Madrid) because I think they have scammed you, “he sentenced Rodrigo gonzalez before the uncomfortable smile of Rosángela Espinoza.

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Why did Rosángela Espinoza cry in an interview with Amor y Fuego?

The reality girl Rosángela Espinoza does not deny the existence of the video against the program she participated in for five years, but assured that it is not she who has it, but she left clues about the person who was the untouchable of the space. She revealed she already knew she was going to be fired from This is war and that one of the reasons was his visit to Elijah Montalvo when he was taken to the clinic after falling live.

“When I was a block away from the clinic, going to visit Elías, they called me on EEG so that I wouldn’t go. They told me that if I went to visit him, I would be out of the program. It was totally unfair, and I said: ‘Then I’m out of the program. ‘Then I received a message saying that I went to put on my show and I don’t know what else, “he confessed.