Peluchín assures that Melissa has nothing more to express: “They are left with another mediocre at the helm”

Rodrigo González strongly criticized the admission of Melissa Paredes to Mujeres al Mando this morning and is that, for the driver of Love and fire, the ex of Cuba cat He only has two topics to talk about and those are just his Activator Kitten Anthony Aranda and her ex-husband, for what would be done to him

“Those are immediate results, they have said ‘you have to bring it to get attention,'” said the television presenter in the first place after seeing Melissa in MAM.

In addition, he added: “They present her as if she were Ellen Degeneres, who is she? She has been famous because they took the crown from her, because of the photos, because of her quarrels with Ignacio Baladán, because of the scandal with her husband and now she is presented as if she were a Peruvian TV talent, a little please “.

On the other hand, he added that: “Do you think that a thinking person, a lady in her house, a minor when you teach her that says ‘Oh, what a favor has Latina done me in improving her mornings, putting her into the great presenter Melissa Paredes, They put it on and the only thing he does is joke about the other “?

“You take out those two lemons that are already well squeezed and what do you get? With another mediocre one at the helm,” added Peluchín after strongly criticizing the entry of

Gato Cuba ‘multiplies by zero’ Melissa Paredes after making Anthony Aranda official

El Gato Cuba enjoys his love to the fullest with Ale Venturo after making their relationship official and just when he was quite caramelized with her, he was captured by the cameras of Amor y Fuego.

When they asked him about Melissa Paredes, who already made Anthony Aranda official, the dancer with whom they were protected when he was still his wife, the ‘Cat’ showed little importance.

“I have nothing to say,” he said seriously, making it clear that it is a matter of the past.