Peluchín CUADRA to John Kelvin after answering the song: “Now is it our fault to ask you?” [VIDEO]

Rodrigo González asked John Kelvin in an interview why he did not apologize to Dalia Durán in the last song he just released after being released from prison after physically assaulting her. According to the cumbiambero, he took her off the subject when he saw that she kept talking about him.

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“When I see that she goes on and on talking, I grabbed her and said: I take her out of the song and put my mom on,” was what she said john kelvinwhat Rodrigo Gonzalez He stated that one should ask for forgiveness, regardless of what the other person does.

“If a person has really seen God and himself and knows that he has done wrong, I will depend my repentance on what I got from my lesson, not on the response of the other. What I have to do is ask sorry,” he said Rodrigo Gonzalez.

then Rodrigo Gonzalez He added: “But what I see is that since she does this, you do such a thing. You are not here to give yourself the luxury and privilege of testing to see if I include her in my last hit. You seem false to me. I do not I think”.

At the insistence of Rodrigo González, John Kelvin He told him: “I don’t know why you get involved in a song”, to which Peluchín had no qualms in telling him: “You have come out of jail to launch it and now it is our fault to ask you.”

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What does Gigi Miter feel about John Kelvin?

In an interview in “Love and Fire”, Gigi Miter he told him straight up and without roche to john kelvin that he was not sorry. This happened when he asked her to be allowed to speak during the interview, however, the driver told him that she must understand that she is a woman and she is facing an aggressor.

Gigi Miter, host of “Amor y Fuego”, did not hesitate to tell her more than twice that she is not sorry john kelvin. Given this, the cumbia singer asked him to have more empathy.