Peluchín does not believe that Ethel Pozo has a community manager and an error with editing was by Julián Alexander [VIDEO]

Rodrigo González gave his opinion after the driver of “America Today”, Ethel Pozo, will blame her community manager for the poor editing on her honeymoon photo. For Peluchín, there would be no such character and the mistake would be Julián Alexander.

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“She makes us believe that she is the one who sends the photo and is the community manager (the one that failed). You are not a fariselita, you are a fariselaza,” he said Rodrigo Gonzalez in his program “Amor y Fuego”, to later say that the truth might be different.

“That is not a community manager, it is him (Julián Alexander) and Brunella Horna more ayayera You are the last filter, the one that authorizes,” he Rodrigo Gonzalezwhile Gigi Miter was surprised that the daughter of Gisela Valcarcel hire someone to do the work for you. “Are you looking for a community manager for those photos? That’s for chamba things.”

Let’s remember that during their honeymoon, Ethel Well He made news when he saw that in one of his photographs, part of his bathing suit mysteriously appeared on his arm. The photo was published but within seconds it was removed.

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Who edited Ethel Pozo’s photo?

It was during the program America Today that the drivers of the morning magazine reminded him of the incident he suffered during his honeymoon with Julián Alexander and asked him: Is it a myth or true that you have enrolled in a Photoshop course to edit your photos well?

Ethel Well In the end, he ended up blaming his worker for what happened, who is his community manager in charge of managing all his social network accounts and revealed the secret that he always gives his followers: