Peluchín questions with what money Melissa Paredes and her dancer spend their vacations: “She is unemployed”

The television host Rodrigo González always expresses his comments “without mincing words” and this time he could not avoid doing so when he saw the images of the vacations that Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda took, outside of Lima.

And it is that when seeing them so caramelized living their love to the fullest, he lowered them from their reality and questioned how they do for the expenses of their outings, because he recalled that currently the model is without a permanent job.

“He moved, the house already had the Christmas tree, he already has a beach house, they will have shared the expenses, he will be benefiting from it, how long it will last, because she is unemployed,” he said confused.

In this regard, Gigi Miter indicated that Melissa Paredes received money for her divorce with Gato Cuba: “but remember that Melissa received an economic part in cash, I think 30 thousand or 40 thousand dollars.”

However, Rodrigo González made it clear that he should not have it easy as an influencer since his image has been questioned.

“If a television show fires her because she feels that what influence is going to have a person who is now being questioned about how he handles himself,” he said.

Rodrigo Cuba is overly affectionate and Melissa Paredes is defeated in front of his friends

Anthony Aranda and Melissa Paredes are no longer afraid to express their love in all its splendor. Both were captured by the cameras of Love and Fire very affectionate in front of their friends.

And it is that the dancer even touched the defeat of the former television host for a photograph.