Peluchín shares a video of Melissa Paredes’ daughter greeting Anthony: “How fast” [VIDEO]

Do you already know each other? The television host Rodrigo González announced his return after a well-deserved vacation, and to celebrate it he threw some warm ones, among them the apparent greeting of Melissa Paredes’ daughter to her Anthony Aranda.

“Daughter of the Cat Paredes, do you say hello to the activating cat? (…)” Hello Anthony “? How quickly you get acquainted!”, He wrote in his story social networks the instagramer, who revealed the video that would confirm that the model and her little girl were accompanied on a walk by the dancer.

It was via his account Instagram that the same former presenter of América Hoy uploaded a clip having fun with her little girl and in which she manages to hear a greeting for a name already known and always linked to her mother, and that the popular Peluchín did not hesitate to report.

“Hello Anthony”, is the phrase that the minor is heard saying as she passes by the camera with Melissa Paredes, who uploaded other stories with his daughter teaching her to prepare a dessert, where you can also hear the voice of a man.

Melissa Paredes and her tender reunion with her daughter: “We miss each other too much”

The former television host Melissa Paredes once again enjoyed the company of her little girl after a week away and assures that she missed her, the little girl filled her with kisses and tender cuddles.

“As we miss each other tooooo” and “Mmmm I love you,” he wrote on his social networks after the return of his daughter from home Rodrigo Cuba and added: “Now I’m upset, because … ha, ha, ha. No piglet, nooo, ha, ha, ha.”