Peluchín ‘squared’ GianMarco for ‘defending’ his TERRIBLE DEALING with a reporter: “Each one is responsible” [VIDEO]

In ‘Love and Fire’, Rodrigo Gonzalez He did not hesitate to take advantage of the television space to attack GianMarco Zignago for not making a ‘mea culpa’ for his terrible attitude towards the reporter and his foolish comments against the press. Now, the TV host was uncomfortable with the last “answer” that the singer gave. What happened?

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And it is that, through the official account of instagram of the Peruvian musician, GianMarco, the artist decided to “defend himself” from criticism and explain that no one has the right to interfere in his personal life. He even mentioned the good values ​​he received from his family and especially from his mother. This caused the show host to be outraged.

“I do not hurt anyone with my job, aOn the contrary, healthy music, music will always talk about me, I’m still here”, was part of his description of GianMarco that ‘Rodri’ did not like at all, who specified that his attitude had nothing to do with the subject of his breast Regina Alcover, because they have great affection for her.

“A great person, whom I already consider, I love her forever, whatever her son says (…) my love and respect for her,” he said Teddy Bear. “Each one is responsible for what he does, especially his 50-year-old,” she added. Secondly, Gigi Miter’se was embarrassed with the singer for not apologizing. “I loved it, what a shame to change the concept,” she said.

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GianMarco: This is how he defended himself from criticism

Through its instagramthe Peruvian singer GianMarco shared his point of view, but did not decide to apologize to the reporter who questioned after his questions about his personal life.

“(…) My work is one thing, but My private life is not news, it is my life. It’s mine and no one else’s. No one has the right to grope, get in and touch the most sacred. I am very confident and proud of the person I am, of my values. Grateful to be surrounded by people I love deeply, starting with my three children, my mother, my girlfriend,” he wrote.