Peluchín to Magaly after criticizing Guerrero for a party: “He also held meetings in a pandemic” [VIDEO]

He recommends taking ‘memorex’. The show host Rodrigo González also spoke about the celebration of Paolo Guerrero’s birthday and questioned Magaly Medina for criticizing him after also having participated in meetings in pandemic.

“Magaly Medina on Paolo Guerrero’s party: ‘I think what he did is a great irresponsibility,'” dictated the headline of a web medium, alluding to the criticism that the journalist made about the footballer, before what the driver of Willax tv she exclaimed: “A little bit of please, dear!”

It was via his official account Instagram where the popular Peluchín, who after returning from a vacation at the end of the year, lashed out against her examiner and reminded her that she not only participated in pandemic meetings, but also recorded a video clip with her husband Alfredo Zambrano and Daniela Darcourt.

“It is true, Paolo does not have a crown and should not have a party, but Magaly forgets that he also held meetings during the pandemic and even recorded a video of the notary in the middle of the second wave, along with Darcourt, another irresponsible and recidivist, “he sentenced Rodrigo gonzalez about Magaly Medina.

Magaly is seen without makeup and reveals her beauty secret: “Your skin is the reflection of what you eat”

After they said that she would look 20 years old, it was Magaly Medina herself who revealed via her Instagram stories her secret to always look good with her fans.

“Your skin is the reflection of what you eat, I eat very healthy, especially most days of the week, I drink a lot of water, like many vegetables and salads, try to do it,” he said.