People dress up as dinosaurs to march against the mistreatment of bulls, in Spain

This Tuesday, July 5, a march was carried out by animal defenders, who were dressed as dinosaurs and accompanied by sympathizers through the streets of Pamplona, ​​in northern Spain, carrying banners to denounce that bullfighting is prehistoric.

This event represented the eighteenth annual protest led by the organization PETA (People for Ethics in the Treatment of Animals) and the Spanish NGO Animal Naturalis. In turn, activists said their staging shows that the festival can be joyous and cruelty-free.

Despite this, this event was suspended in the last two years due to the arrival of COVID-19, which has caused the authorities to fear that there will be an increase in infections by citizens.

However, these demonstrations are usually held one day before the traditional chupinazo, which consists of generating a roar of fireworks at noon in the Pamplona Town Hall square, thus marking the start of the festival, which also includes bullfights.

“Bullfighting is a long ritualized execution of bulls and many tourists who come to bullfights don’t really realize that the very bulls they run through some streets are later killed in the bullring that day. day,” Chelsea Monroe, director of digital campaigns for PETA, told local media.

Currently, bullfighting is still popular in the European country, however, these movements against it have gained a lot of momentum in recent years, so bullfighting is only prohibited in the Canary Islands, while in the regions of Catalonia , Mallorca, Menorco, Ibiza and the Balearic Islands are not practiced much, or almost not at all.