Perelló Cultural Center opens exhibition

The Perello Cultural Center (CCP) inaugurated the expositionClara Ledesma: Magic Universe”, made up of works from the collection of Fernando Báez Guerrero and his wife Nancy Tavárez de Báez.

Pronouncing the words of welcome, Julia Castillo de Lozano, director of the Perello Cultural Center, stated that “Clara received the seed of Caribbean magical surrealism that is revealed in all her work. What better gift for Baní and the South than the masterful Clara, the magical Clara, the modernist and surrealist woman paying homage to the southern valleys and mountains that illuminate our eyes”.

Next, Báez Guerrero highlighted: “one of my favorite artists is Clara Ledesma. I am extremely fascinated by his universe of creations and his passage from one style to another. He has managed to acquire pieces of great importance from her, from her beginnings as an artist until, motivated by the affections typical of her age, her line began to be thicker and the planimetric colors ”.

He added: “It is a real honor that the Perello Cultural Centerdirected by Mrs. Julia Castillo Mejía, has decided to host in its prestigious spaces the exposition Clara Ledesma: Magical Universe”.


Another collection piece at the Perelló Cultural Center. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

The critic of art and curator of the exhibition, López Meléndez explained that “through the exhibition, nature, geography, fauna, feminine energy, fantasy, innocence, nostalgia, antilogy, cultural imprint, memory, the elementary and consubstantial magic of the Caribbean are appreciated,” as well as everyday mythologies and ancient rituals and the same Latin American and Caribbean dimension of the real-wonderful.

He added that the selection acquires a perfect balance with a series of works characterized by the technical and aesthetic subtlety of Clara Ledesmaconstituting a representative corpus opus, not only of the global production of the artist, but also of the wonderful, warm, transparent and attractive symbolic universe that this essential exponent of Caribbean and Latin American Surrealism of the 20th century contributes.

Gamal Michelén, Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture (MINC), congratulated the Perelló family for the contribution to society and the initiative of the Cultural Center, which has already reached its eleventh anniversary.

Likewise, he thanked the collector Fernando Báez Guerrero and his wife, Nancy Tavárez de Báez, for sharing the magical universe of Clara Ledesma.

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Perelló Cultural Center opens exhibition


Nancy Tavárez de Báez, Fernando Báez Guerrero, Diana Roca Perelló and Julia Castillo. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

The exhibition, with a retrospective and edifying museographic display in the Gilberto Hernández Ortega Room and the Héctor Colombino Perelló Media Library of the CCP, includes a series of recent acquisitions that reaffirm the Báez-Tavárez family as the main and most determined collectors of the work of Clara Ledesma in the Dominican Republic.

The exposition will be open to the public until March of next year, which becomes the prelude to the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Clara Ledesma by 2024, promoting from now on the study, analysis and investigation of their contributions to the art Dominican, Latin American and Caribbean.

Clara Ledesma (1924-1999)

She has been recognized as one of the fundamental personalities of the plastic arts in the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean region.

Her work and personality have been contextualized and appreciated at the same level as those of women artists such as the Brazilian Tarsila do Amaral; the Mexicans Frida Kahlo and Leonora Carrington and the Cuban Amelia Peláez, among other emblematic exponents of the art 20th century Latin America.