Personality archetypes according to Carl Jung

In our daily walk we find different characters, as if extracted from the mold, they have defined patterns and characteristics that make different characters in plays, novels that we see or read daily that are nothing more than replicas of the movie scripts that we observe in the life itself.

Carl JungSwiss scholar and scientist, doctor and psychologist, was a forerunner of the analytical psychology, noted for his concerns about the soul, the psyche, philosophy, astrology, tarot, mystical studies, legends and dreams. He was an insubordinate disciple of Freud, from whom he separated. Jung, considered by many a guru for the West due to his contributions through spiritual studies and comparative religions, coined the term archetypes referring to the universal symbols, inheritance of the collective unconscious, the memory of what we have lived as humanity.

Archetypes are very useful when it comes to knowing different personalities in their way of projecting themselves. We can behave differently depending on the area in which we operate, for example, a person can project the archetype of king in their public affairs and assume the archetype of trickster in their love relationships.

The hero: tends to be a savior of others and a defender of just causes. He defends and protects by acquiring a leading role in the circumstances. He assumes to face the adversaries at any cost.

The wise: focuses on knowledge. Knowledge prevails, for which he is able to listen and expose his knowledge to the service.

The innocent: He has an air of ingenuity and positivity towards life, he inspires joy and fears being punished for some slip up.

The governor: controller, works for the common good, has clarity, wisdom and works for the community.

Friend: It is reliable and loyal, this archetype stands out for its empathy and solidarity, it establishes a bond with people with whom it tries to be related and to fit in.

The caretaker: You tend to be extremely empathetic, generous, and altruistic. He gives himself over to causes, so his high sensitivity is easily taken advantage of.

The lover: try to harmonize and be diplomatic. He stands out for his expression of affection and sympathy.

The Explorer: the archetype of the adventurous globetrotter, always looking for new experiences in all the areas in which he operates. Bold, unstable and independent.

The rebel: lives in opposition to what is, nothing in agreement with what is, so it is difficult to adhere to the group, always trying to do better and break with the establishment.

The jester: tends to take life from humor, laugh and make the space where it is more fun

The creator: this archetype tends to have a very fertile imagination and to be creative, carrying out their own method.

The magician: He has a vision of the universe and wants to help others, with his characteristic charisma, so that the world is different.

Currently, the archetypes continue to evolve over time. One of the most fashionable at the moment is the archetype of narcissistic in affective relationships, which refers to people projected in a way egocentric and little empathic.