Peru and Bolivia come together in a concert by Diosdado Gaitán Castro and Yuri Ortuño

Peru and Bolivia come together through this long-awaited concert, where two of its most outstanding exponents will highlight the best, the most beautiful folklore of these countries located in South America. They are the Ayacuchano singer-songwriter, Diosdado Gaitán Castro (36 years of career) and the Bolivian singer-songwriter, Yuri Ortuño León (48 years of work) who will offer a musical gala called “From song to song” on June 16 as a way to also celebrate Andean song day at the Bianca Convention Center.

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Both artists stand out for their tireless passion to bring music and singing from the deepest territories of their homelands to the most diverse stages in Peru, Bolivia and other parts of the world.

In addition to uniting them with a great friendship, both Diosdado and Yuri have very unique voices, which distinguish them for their power and which have made their proposals reach the hearts of the public that has followed them throughout all these years of work.

Yuri Ortuño, invited to this festival of Andean music, will give away essentials such as: “Secret love, “We have to save our nest”, “Why did you come back”, “I have to feel”, “I love her so much”, “You you deserve”, “The separation”, “The bad time has passed”, “Así es el Amor”, “Tus desaires”, “No one loves you like me”, among other successes.

For his part, Diosdado will deliver: “Linda Andahuaylina”, “Peru was born mountain”, “Professorita”, “Otra vez me equivoba”, “Ay..mi cholita”, “El olvido”, and the inevitable “Love, love”a beautiful hymn to the most sublime of feelings.

And the occasion will be opportune so that, as they did on a past anniversary of Diosdado, they join their voices to interpret classics such as “A passenger in your path”, “Negra del alma”, among others.

Tickets to see “Canto a canto” on June 16, at the Bianca Convention Center in Barranco, are arranged in Teleticket and on June 17 they will repeat the dish in the city of Huancayo.