Peru has talent: learn more about Mimy Succar, the new jury of the program

The program Peru has talent 2022 has confirmed who will be its new jurors, and among them will be the singer and performer Nikkei Mimy Succar who is also the mother of renowned musician and percussionist Tony Succar. The artist has relaunched her career after decades of silence, and her son has shown great pride and affection for her, who has encouraged her to follow her dreams.

So far, the release date of Peru has talent has not been reported; however, Latina has confirmed that it will be “very soon”, which is why it is expected to take place at the end of January. On the 3rd of this month, Latina revealed to the jury of her new reality show. The singer Mimy Succar, the actors Renzo Schüller and Gianella Nayra and Ricardo Morán will be the judges, while Mathias Brivio will be the presenter.

Before turning to music, Mimy Succar She participated as a candidate in the 1979 Miss Nikkei, in Brazil, since she represented Peru, and it was her boyfriend Antonio who convinced her to make professional music. A year after participating in the contest, she and her future husband created the group Mimy Succar y Mixtura. With the birth of her children, she dedicated herself to them and stopped singing.

Tony Succar has repeatedly commented that his affinity for music began at a very young age when he was surrounded by a family of musicians. Although he did not have the same fame that he now boasts, his mother Mimy Succar used her talent to get ahead when she came to the United States.

In an interview with Women in command, Tony Succar cried with emotion after being able to record a song with his mother which was titled “I don’t get used to it.”

“My parents’ legacy is too much. I value so much what they have done for us, they have sacrificed so much that this is the least I can do for her (produce the song). I know it will be very big, “he said.