Peru is the Latin American country with the most crypto miners and phishing attacks

In the last six months, Peru has been the country with the most detections of crypto miners in Latin America, as announced by the company ESET, at an event for the Computer Security week.

Cecilia Pastorino and Martina López, ESET Security Researchers, commented that antivirus are the security tools most used by Latin American companies (82.2%), followed by authentication applications (30.2%) and VPN connection applications (33.1%). Despite this, only 52% of organizations have carried out some cybersecurity training to their staff, being a weak point that should be more relevant.

Another alarming fact is that in September the detections of malicious emails or phishing campaigns related to bonds, vaccines and the COVID-19 pandemic doubled.

Ransomware (or data hijacking) is another concern for companies, as it is a type of malicious program that restricts access to certain parts or files of the infected operating system.

Our country has 43% of the cases analyzed, even a space called Ransomware As a Service, a type of service created by groups of cybercriminals in exchange for payment with cryptocurrencies, where the main focus is attacks on specific companies or individuals.

The specialists clarify that it is important to start worrying in the field of business cybersecurity from a zero-trust management, which consists of reconsidering its processes and the form of connectivity of its users, customers and suppliers, reducing access to information.

Among the recommendations are tools such as multifactorial authentication (biometric elements or data), blockchain (information that cannot be altered or eliminated) and Machine Learning (malware detection).