Peru obtains a gold medal in men’s tennis doubles at the Junior Pan American Games Cali

Peru back to the gold medal table of Colombia. This Friday Gonzalo Bueno and Ignacio Buse doubles champions of men’s tennis were proclaimed in the Junior Pan American Games Cali-Valle 2021.

After taking the gold medal Sofía Mamani in the 10,000 meters of athletics and the women’s tennis double to Daianne Hayashida and Lucciana PérezNow it was the turn of the men’s team.

The young Gonzalo Bueno and Ignacio Buse defeated the Argentines Lautaro Midon and Juan Manuel La Serna 6-4 6-3.

The result confirms once again Peru‘s great performance in the doubles competition of the Cali 2021 Junior Pan American Games, where it won two gold and one silver in the mixed final with Lucciana Pérez and Christopher Li.

In the three matches that the national couple played, they only conceded one set, which happened in the semifinal against Paraguay, ending a solid presentation that took them to the top of the podium.

Peru in the medal table of the Cali 2021 Junior Pan American Games

At the end of November, Angelo Caro also surprised in the Colombian competition. And it is that the young skater got the silver medal in Skateboarding, displacing the local representative Juan Carlos Poland. Next, we indicate the general medal table.


1.- Sofía Mamani (Athletics, 10,000 meters)

2.- Daianne Hayashida and Lucciana Pérez (Tennis, women’s doubles)

3.- Gonzalo Bueno and Ignacio Buse (Tennis, men’s doubles)


4.- Ryan Cubas (Fight 77 kg.)

5.- Edward Alarcón (Gymnastics, pommel horse)

6.- Edward Alarcón (Gymnastics, rings)

7.- Edward Gonzales (Gymnastics, jumping)

8.- Yumiko Tanabe (Judo -78 kg.)

9.- Kiara Arango (Judo -57 kg.)

10.- Eliana Vásquez (Taekwondo -67 kg.)

11.- Angelo Caro (Skateboarding)

12.- Mary Luz Andía (Athletics, 20km athletic walk.)

13.- Enrique Herrera (Fight 57 kg)

14.- Christopher Li and Lucciana Pérez (tennis, mixed doubles)

15.- Frank Luján (Athletics, 10,000 dash)


16.- Inés Castillo (Badminton)

17.- Javier Saavedra (Judo -81 kg.)

18.- Noemí Huayhuameza (Judo -52 kg.)

19.- Arnold Prado (Judo -60 kg.)

20.- Santiago Villegas (Weightlifting, snatch 126 kg, clean and jerk 165 kg and total 291 kg)

21.- Frank de la Sotta (Bowling).

22.- José Luis Chaupin (athletics, 5,000 meters)

23.- Angel Sosa and César Cipriani (Remo)

24.- Gloria Asca (Fight, 50 kg.)

25.- César Olaya (karate -75 kg.)