Peruvian Rudy Muñoz rubs shoulders with Hollywood celebrities

The Peruvian Rudy Muñoz stands out in the American market as a producer of fashion galas, events that bring together well-known Hollywood figures. Rubbing shoulders with stars like Cindy Crawford and Jamie Lee Curtis, plus the Cuban actress Maria Conchita Alonso.

Rudy Muñoz came to Los Angeles three decades ago, after several years of sacrifice he formed a small cleaning company. Among his clients were Cindy Crawford, Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Bolton, among other celebrities with whom he became friends. Years later, he decided to undertake event production, where he summoned the famous characters.

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“My job is actually doing Red Carper events. (red carpet), for the benefit of various organizations. I produced the gala, summoned celebrities, also sought sponsors to support it. The money collected is used to give lunch or medicine, sometimes, to people with terminal illnesses, “said Rudy, a native of Callao.

He recently attended a gala night for Authors and Composers, where Silvia Pascal, Gloria Trevi and Sergio Mayer were present. In August he organized another gala, where Aztec artists such as Adriana Fonseca and Eduardo Yáñez also participated.

“Celebrities are aware of the needs of people who suffer, they not only collaborate by going to charity events, in many cases they also collaborate. Even in the midst of a pandemic many celebrities brought food in their trucks to people with terminal cancer illnesses in Los Angeles, “he said.

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