Peruvians watch more than 50 minutes of videos a day on YouTube: what topics do they look for?

During the new edition of Brandcast, YouTube presented the main video trends of 2022 in the Peru and explained why Peruvians consider it the best place to search for relevant content, since they see more than 50 minutes of clips a day on the Google platform.

According to information provided by Edgardo Frias CEO of Google Peru As of June 2022, more than 12 million Peruvians over the age of 18 have connected to the platform and, on average, each one watches more than 50 minutes of videos in 24 hours.

The internet giant also maintains that more and more viewers are turning to streaming. In this sense, Smart TVs and online video transmissions are a fundamental part of YouTube’s growth this year. In addition, it is known that in Peru more than 5.5 million citizens watched YouTube (or YouTube TV) from their television.

Likewise, according to the report carried out by Ipsos for Google The following information about YouTube in Peru could be found:

According to Edgardo Frias CEO of Google Peru The theme most sought after by Peruvian users is music. However, he highlighted that another very popular content in our country is related to cooking, in which Peruvian gastronomy is explored beyond what is known internationally. In addition, the Quechua translations, which although not popular, are also very relevant on the platform.

Regarding the music content on YouTube, he maintained that a large number of videos with only audio can be found on the platform. Likewise, Internet users can not only see the official clip of a song, but also a live version in one city and another. “You can listen to the same song by the same author in different ways and perspectives,” he stressed.

The analysis carried out by Google reflects the perception that Peruvians have about Youtube in the future: 91% of viewers say that in a year from now the platform will have their favorite content. In addition, respondents indicated that this will be the best reflection of today’s culture (83%), will give them the best recommendations on what to watch (89%), and will be the first place they go when they want to see something (86%).