Peter Fajardo dedicates a message to his mother for her chemotherapy: “Together we will pass this challenge”

Peter fajardo She is going through a very delicate time due to the illness of her mother, who suffers from cancer. For this reason, through his social networks, the producer of This is War sent some emotional words to his mother, as she will begin her chemotherapy treatment.

The creator of the América Televisión reality show gave her a message of encouragement and promised to face with her the complicated situation that they have had to go through.

“I love you with all my heart, you are my strongest warriors. Together we will pass this challenge ”, He wrote in a photograph where his sister and mother appear, which he shared on his Instagram stories.

Peter Fajardo was thrilled to publicly announce his nomination at the fifth annual Produ Awards, which recognize the best content in the television industry.

“Maybe I will get a lot of criticism and haters for what I will post, but those who really know me know how passionate I am about my work and how much I love doing it. Therefore, I dare to place this publication that has made me very excited. They don’t really know how lonely I feel reading this, ”he wrote on the platform, showing a screenshot of the best producer nominees.

The mother of the former reality girl, Rosángela Espinoza accused the EEG producer and Elías Montalvo of having distributed a large sum of money from a game that the ‘warrior’ won with the model. On the last October 12, users showed their discontent when they saw how they removed the popular ‘Selfie Girl’ from the show and lashed out at the influencer for not supporting her.

However, the producer of the program broadcast by América TV was not silent and the program Amor y Fuego showed the release.