Petro will rent the Movistar Arena to receive second-round results: what is the price?

Less than a day to meet the new president of Colombia the two candidates announced the places where they will wait for the results of the Second round on Sunday June 19. The issue has caused controversy, since Gustavo Petro will receive the news in the Movistar Arena while his opponent Rodolfo Hernández will do it from his home, as he did in the first round.

Initially, the Historic Pact team was going to wait for the bulletins from the National Registry in the red room of the Hotel Tequendama like the last May 29, when his candidate took the majority of votes.

However, recently, the Petro campaign confirmed that there was a last minute change and now the leftist will be with his relatives at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá.

The place is special for the former mayor of the Colombian capital, since on several occasions he has indicated that it was an achievement of his administration in the city. However, it should be remembered that, in 2018, when the event stage was inaugurated, they were the president Ivan Duke and the former mayor Enrique Penalosa those who cut the ribbon to open the place.

“We inform you that the reception of the results of the Gustavo Petro campaign and France Marquez for the second round of the presidential elections it will be held at the Movistar Arena”, reads the statement sent from the campaign.

Win or lose in the presidential elections, from the stage of the events center, the candidate who represents leftist politics will give a speech to his thousands of supporters.

On stage, it is known that it has capacity for 11,000 people and that it is the first multipurpose venue in Bogotá. According to the economic newspaper La República, the rental of the place for a concert was on average 140 million pesos (35,800 dollars).

It is worth mentioning that, depending on the type of event, the cost may change and it is estimated that the Historical Pact did not rent the place to use it in its entirety, but logistics and insurance prices for this type of event are also added.

Petro’s campaign has been characterized by receiving the results of the elections in the most exclusive places in the capital, since in the first round he was in the red room of the Hotel Tequendama and already on March 13, for the results of the consultations, it was located in the Hyatt hotel.

The rental of the Movistar Arena, for example, is the second most expensive in Bogotá, surpassed by the stadium El Campin which can cost about 500 million pesos ($128,000) with full capacity.

After it became known that Gustavo Petro rented the Movistar Arena to receive the results of the elections, Rodolfo Hernandez he reacted revealing the place where he will be. “After learning the results of election day, I will give my statements from home, in the company of my family,” he posted on his official Twitter account.

He added that, being consistent with what he has said in his campaign about saving and not making unnecessary expenses, “we will not spend money on shows, following the austerity that has characterized my campaign and that today is the same that the country needs.”

Regarding the rental price paid by his electoral opponent to be in the Movistar Arena, the former mayor of Bucaramanga stated: “If that’s how the country’s money is spent while campaigning, imagine if he becomes president.”

“The engineer will await the results of the vote count in the company of his family, without any event or logistical expenses of any kind. The collaborators of the campaign and the volunteers will be in Bucaramanga receiving the results”, they expressed from the League of Anticorruption Governors, led by Hernández.