PetStar: how to use the app that makes your dog, cat or other pet ‘sing’?

If you have a dog, cat or other animal at home, you will love to try PetStar: My Pet Sings eCards, an app that is available on Android and iOS that has become fashionable on social networks, especially among people who are animal lovers. Thanks to it, you can create funny videos of your pet ‘singing’. How is it achieved? Here we teach you.

According to the developer, the Good Boy Studios company, people who download the application from the Play Store or App Store will be able to create a funny video in which their beloved pet will appear moving its mouth while a song plays in the background, thereby giving the impression that he is singing To achieve this, it will only be necessary a photograph of the animal.

“Create and customize a happy New Year, birthday or just a laugh card to send with your PetStar video! Share with your friends and family to celebrate any special occasion or brighten your day!”, the creators of PetStar: My Pet Sings eCards point out in the app store for Android devices.

According to Good Boy Studios, for best results, the photo of your dog, cat, or other pet needs to be in high resolution. Also, the face should look good, preferably an image in which it appears looking at the camera of your phone. If you already have the photo chosen, you just have to follow these instructions:

  • Enter the application and press the Create your own button.
  • Press the ‘Got it’ option and then choose Browse to select the photo from your gallery (you can also take it using the app)
  • Press the Next button and wait a few seconds
  • You can make some arrangements, such as adding a necklace, a scarf, etc.
  • Finally, choose a musical theme from the catalog.
  • That would be all. You can save the video in your gallery or share it on your social networks.