Pharmacy grows with its customers

Pharmacies are the kind of establishments that you will need no matter what stage of life you are in. From the time you are in your mother’s womb until your last years, they have a useful product or service to preserve, monitor or recover your health and well-being.

This reality is perfectly shown in the “We know you more every day” campaign, launched last October by Grupo Carol and aimed at the hearts of its most loyal users.

“The campaign tells the story of how a customer’s relationship with the pharmacy begins. It talks about how the pharmacy accompanies you in the different stages of your life and, therefore, we understand that every day we get to know you more, because we have seen you in different facets ”, the executive vice president of the group, Julio Rafael Curiel, explains to Listín Diario.

Who better to tell this story! The conglomerate that today has 116 pharmacies in 12 provinces of the country (there are four more branches awaiting permission) was born “like a dream” 34 years ago and since then it has grown hand in hand with its clients.

“Carol started out as a dream my dad had. His uncle owned the San Judas Tadeo pharmacy and he grew up seeing that business. Since he met him he was passionate about it. He always said: ‘When I grow up, I want to have a pharmacy,’ “says Curiel.

The opportunity to fulfill that illusion came when a pharmacist relative decided to lease her pharmacy in Naco. Just a few months after leasing it, the Curiel family bought the premises, which were already called Carol and which they still have today. Located in Gustavo Mejía Ricart, the store is the oldest of the group and the second in terms of annual sales, only surpassed by the Winston Churchill avenue branch.

The importance to the business of staying close to the families is reflected in the fact that they did not change the original name.

“The pharmacy was already recognized in the neighborhood,” explains Curiel. “Pharmacies have always been very communal, that’s why there is always a lot of talk about proximity, because the reality is that people choose and prefer a pharmacy mostly because of its proximity.”

Apart from the location, the clients take into account the availability and variety of medicines, the treatment and the friendliness. This has been determined by market studies carried out by the group.

Offer and services

In its 34-year history, the pharmacy chain has grown not only in numerical and territorial terms. He has known how to adapt to the times to meet the needs of the families he accompanies throughout his life.

On the one hand, says Curiel, they have diversified their offer of products and services: For some time we have wanted to change the concept of pharmacy a little. We have further formed the concept of well-being, where you can acquire everything you need for your well-being and your health, not only internal but also external ”.

Dermocosmetics, beauty, personal care, sports nutrition and natural products are present in the premises, among others.

On the other hand, they have joined the omnichannel trend. Since 2016, the firm had digital channels such as a mobile application and a website with an online store, which played an important role during confinement due to the pandemic.

“It helped us to be able to serve our clients at such an uncertain time. So, definitely, we have also been transforming customer experiences not only in the store, but also now outside the store, because depending on the customer’s need, now also decides the channel they use: physical, app, web, telephone, WhatsApp … The consumer’s purchasing trend and the channels it uses have changed a lot in the last 15 years, ”says Curiel.

Although face-to-face purchases cover the vast majority of transactions, alternative channels have been gaining ground and until last October represented 13% of sales for the year, a figure that, according to Curiel, is above the Latin American trend .

Home delivery, pick up and self-service add to shopping methods that make life easier for users.

In addition, and as another added value for customers who prefer the pharmacy, the branches offer free blood pressure, glycemic and oxygenation measurements.

These and other efforts to diversify and please families in 34 years of service give full meaning to the title of their new campaign: “We know you more every day.”