Photos would reveal that Patricio Parodi would have made the scope to Luciana Fuster in Miami

In the last hours, a lot has been said about the possible relationship between Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster, who have been the target of various ampays in the Peruvian show business.

As you remember, both reality boys they would have brought to reality their supposed romance they had in their competition show and segment This is war, ‘The Academy’.

In addition, they were seen very affectionate and even kissing in some images that Magaly medina presented in his program Magaly TV the firm, where both would no longer hide their love.

Now after spending Christmas and New Year, some claimed that Patricio Parodi would go to Miami with Luciana Fuster, as the young woman is spending it with her sister and mother.

Although this did not happen, on these dates the popular Pato surprised his followers by showing in his Instagram stories that he is taking a getaway in Miami and coincidentally taking photos on a beach similar to the one Luciana visited.

Jazmín Pinedo on Austin Palao and Flavia Laos: “What a coincidence”

In the latest edition of America Shows, the driver Jasmine Pinedo presented the note on the reunion of Austin Palao and Flavia Laos who spent the New Year together.

According to the popular ‘chinita’ while talking with her production team, it seemed a coincidence that both were together since they have something in common.

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