Piqué’s mother offers an interview and does not touch on the subject of Shakira

The physical medicine doctor Montserrat Bernabeumother of Gerard Piquéoffered her first interview after the media scandal that the separation of her son and the singer has brought to the world press Shakira.

It was on Catalan television in the program ‘col lapse’ from (TV3) with the journalist Ricard Ustrell where Bernabéu spoke about his career in medicine, this, a few days after his ex-daughter-in-law began a new phase with their children Milan and Sasha in Miami, United States.

In the interview he acknowledged that he does not like to talk about his private life in public. “Like everyone else, I have my professional and personal life. But I only talk about my private life with those around me. When I’m at work I focus on what I have to do and I’m Dr. Bernabéu”he expressed.

Before the conversation, he asked, please, both the journalist and the production, not to talk about Shakira.

La Vanguardia cites that the doctor did not want to make any kind of comment about the interpreter of “Waka Waka”, nor did she want to talk about her husband or her grandchildren. What she did assure was that she was ”in top form”, so she would be ready to face any situation that might come.

Despite being strong, in an instant he could not hide his emotion when he remembered an episode that his 36-year-old son experienced during a game.

They were talking about an episode from 2012, when Gerard Piquéin a match at the Camp Nou, there was a strong blow to the head in a play with the footballer Drogba.

“I remember that at that moment I was in the field. When I saw it, it wasn’t very good, it came to my head. In fact, it’s still hard for me to talk about it,” he confessed, holding back tears. “He kept playing, but he didn’t know where he was. He was disoriented and had suffered a major head injury,” he explained.

In last Januaryafter the Colombian premiered, together with the Argentine producer, the “BZRP Sessions #53” where she launched strong attacks towards the player in the form of a shooter and referred to the ex-mother-in-law without a name, Montserrat Bernabeuin the following sentence: “You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor with the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury”, the player’s mother was part of the controversy unintentionally.

So the mother of Pique not only was he in the limelight for that, but I would have also given it a ‘like’ to two comments where his son does not look good.

The most striking thing was that at the moment in which his reaction began to be reviewed in the media, the mother of Pique deleted the ‘likes’. But the screenshots remained on the networks.

Montserrat Bernabeu is care director and co-director of the Institut Guttmann Neurorehabilitation Hospital, in Spain.