Police agreed to buy a car, but they wanted to steal it and ended up shooting one of the criminals to death

A police shot to death to a criminal who tried to rob him. He was accompanied by an accomplice, who escaped when the officer opened fire. All this after he and his brother-in-law agreed to buy a car.

The attempted robbery happened on Tuesday when both arrived at the place where they had agreed with the alleged vendors. While they were waiting, the brother-in-law got out of the car to talk on the phone.

Suddenly, two subjects appeared, one of them went to confront the relative while the other, who had a firearm in his hands, went straight to the 33-year-old police officer demanding the money that was to pay for the car.

The policeman, who was in plain clothes and dressed in civilian clothes, identified himself as such and a shootout began. He fired four times, three hit the chest of one of the thieves, 50 years old, who fell to the ground and died instantly.

Police have no restrictions until they investigate

Seeing this, his accomplice ran out and fled in a van, where a third party was apparently waiting for them. They are now investigating the incident as homicide on the occasion of robbery, but have not taken any action against the officer.

The event occurred in Buenos Aires Industrial Villagein Lanus, Argentina.