Police save a drowning girl from dying and courageous act is applauded on social networks [VIDEO]

Two policemen have been recognized as heroes in Argentina after saving the life of a little girl who was drowning. The mother of the minor ran in the middle of the street in search of help for the minor who was unconscious.

Every unusual event happened in the city of San Miguel, in the province of Buenos Aires, where the agents saw in the distance the desperate cries for help of a woman with her little girl in her arms.

Upon hearing the request for help from the little girl’s mother, the policemen did not hesitate to stop their patrol in the middle of traffic and run to the aid of the woman who could not stop crying to which her daughter did not react.

After picking up the little girl and putting the mother in the car, the troops Laura Pagani and Diego Carrizo they moved to a nearby medical center, trying to calm the mother at all times. However, what caught the attention of Internet users was the actions of the agents,

While Diego was driving, Laura began to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) maneuvers so that the baby could react. Everything was recorded in the cameras of the patrol car that transferred them.

Finally, the mother and her little girl were admitted to the hospital where they finally managed to stabilize the minor who was discharged hours later. The woman only had words of thanks from the two agents.