Police spouses die by suicide one day apart: “We feel a tremendous loss”

The unexpected death of a police couple has shocked the residents of St Lucie County, Florida, United States. Clayton osteen Y Victoria Pachecho they died by suicide one day apart. They were both parents of a baby just one month old and the circumstances of the deaths are not yet clear.

Clayton Osteen, a Florida Police Officer since 2019, passed away shortly before New Years. Osteen’s own companions from St Lucie County found his body; however, the tragedy did not stop with that irreparable loss.

A day later, Victoria Pachecho, Osteen’s partner and a police officer since 2020, also committed suicide. According to Ken Mascara, the county sheriff, the man survived a few hours, but then his family chose to disconnect the artificial respirator.

“Words cannot express the tremendous sadness we all feel after losing these two members of our family from the sheriff’s office,” Mascara said.

“While it is impossible for us to fully understand the private circumstances that led to this devastating loss, we pray that this tragedy will become a catalyst for change, to help alleviate the stigma surrounding mental well-being, and to normalize the conversation about challenges. that so many of us face regularly ”, he concluded in his statement.

Authorities have not yet released details about the circumstances of the deaths. Since May 2015, Osteen enlisted in the US Marines as a rifleman. In 2016, she appeared in a body video about training in the jungles of Brunei.

For her part, Pachecho gave birth to the couple’s first child, a boy, in the middle of November 2021. Following the unfortunate loss, friends, colleagues and family shared tributes on social media.