Political storm in France due to Emmanuel Macron’s offense against the anti-vaccines

Marta Garde. EFE

A single sentence has been enough to tease the already tense debate in France on the vaccination passport: the wishes of the president, Emmanuel macron to “annoy” or “fuck” the unvaccinated, according to the different meanings of the verb emmerder, which the opposition considers unworthy of a president.

His sentence in the newspaper Le Parisien made clear his intention to make life impossible for those who are still not immunized, some five million throughout the country, who with the approval of that passport will see their entry to bars, restaurants and entertainment venues banned. .

“I am not here to piss off the French. I rant all day against the Administration when it blocks them. As well, I really want to annoy the unvaccinated. And we will continue to do so until the end ”, said in that newspaper.

Macron has not yet proclaimed himself a candidate, although he has advanced that he wants to run for reelection.

The shock wave of the declaration has penetrated deep and led at first to suspend at dawn the examination in the National Assembly of the bill on the vaccination passport which will resume this Wednesday.

It was the second consecutive nightly cancellation in two days, in a session marked by the exchange of shouts and boos, and although it does not seem to question its application around January 15, yes It reflects the political division three months before the April presidential elections.

For the conservative candidate Valérie Pécresse, with good electoral possibilities, according to the polls, Macron has shown “a total lack of empathy” towards the unvaccinated, of whom he also maintained that whoever threatens their freedom the freedom of others is a irresponsible who, as such, ceases to be a citizen.

He has also been attacked by the leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who believes that his words have unleashed a parliamentary crisis and demands the appearance in the chamber of the Prime Minister, Jean Castex; or the far-right Marine Le Pen, for whom his “vulgarity” shows that “he has never considered himself president of all.”

Macron’s defenders include his former prime minister Édouard Philippe.

Contagions. France has exceeded 200,000 daily infections in recent days, with a record of 271,686 this Tuesday, and since the start of the vaccination campaign.