Pope Francis cancels his activities in the Vatican due to health problems

He Pope Francisco is in poor health again, for which he has been forced to cancel his activities in the Vatican, as reported by a spokesman for the Holy See. Likewise, the Vatican Secretary of State. Pietro Carolinehas also pointed out that the religious would be “tired”.

“Yesterday (for Thursday) he had a very busy day. In the afternoon they told me that he was with a lot of people as part of the meeting with (the Catholic foundation) Scholas Occurrentes and he wanted to greet them all,” Parolin stressed.

“Probably at some point the resistance is overhas added the right hand of the Pope.

Pope Francis and his health problems

In recent months, the religious has presented various health problems, the most recent being infectious bronchitis, for which he had to be admitted to the emergency room in March. Due to this inconvenience, he was hospitalized for three months in the Gemelli hospital in Rome.

“I felt bad after the hearing, I didn’t want to eat and went to sleep, but I didn’t lose consciousness, I just had a high fever,” he explained later, during a return flight from a trip to Hungary. But “the organism has reacted well to the treatment” in the Roman health center, he specified.

Firm in not giving up his papacy

These health problems, in fact, are added to his recurring knee pain that has forced him to walk in a wheelchair or with a cane for some time. Even so, on several occasions, Francisco has said that these ailments do not affect his intellectual activities, so they are not a reason to think that he would resign from the papacy in a short time, as his detractors have speculated.

Moreover, in recent days, the very Francisco has minimized its limitations. “(Now) I’m much better. I can now walk. The knee was fixed and before I couldn’t walk. Now I’ve walked again. There are days that are more painful, like today. There are days that I don’t, but it’s part of development”