Pope Francis gives advice to Deloitte Global team

Members of DeloitteGlobal participated in a hearing with the Pope Franciscoin the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican, in which they heard some advice and suggestions on the “great responsibility” that, in the current context, consultants and professionals with related experience have.

The Pope Francisco asked Deloitte experts to fulfill the precise mission of being “comprehensive consultants” for “cooperate in the reorientation of the way of being of our planet, a planet that we have made sick in the climate and in inequality”.

In this regard, he explained what are the ways through which an organization, a consultant or a professional with experience can “help to reverse or at least try to correct the course of the world.” “How can they undertake their work in such a way that they can walk towards a more habitable, fairer and more fraternal world?”

The three pieces of advice shared by the Pontiff were the following:

  • “Awareness that you can leave a mark”. “Their knowledge, their experience, their expertise and the vast network of their relationships constitute an intangible and immense asset, which helps entrepreneurs, bankers, managers, public administrators, to understand the context, imagine the future and make decisions. Therefore, it helps to know to help decide”said the Pope.
  • “Assume and exercise their cultural responsibility”. Understood as “to ensure an adequate professional quality, and also an anthropological and ethical quality (…). The various cultures, which have produced their wealth over the centuries, must be preserved so that the world does not become impoverished. This without ceasing to stimulate them so that something new emerges from themselves in the encounter with other realities”.
  • “Valuing diversity”. The institutions, the companies, the banks, the associations, the movements and all the organisms created by man “have the right, if managed honestly and correctly, to be able to safeguard and develop their own identity”specified the Pontiff.