Pope Francis on homosexuality: “We are all children of God”

Pope Francis gave an interview to the Associated Press agency, in which he criticized countries where there are laws that criminalize and discriminate against the homosexual community. “We are all children of God and God loves us as we are and with the strength that each one of us fights for our dignity”.

In addition, he reiterated the position of the Catholic Church that “being homosexual is not a crime. It is not a crime, ”she maintained. “Yes, but it’s a sin. Well, first let’s distinguish sin from crime,” he added.

Some 67 countries o Jurisdictions around the world criminalize consensual same-sex relations, and 11 of them can or do carry the death penalty, according to The Human Dignity Trust, which is working to end those laws.

He explained that “in the catechism of the Catholic Church it says that people with homosexual tendencies have to be welcomed, they do not have to be marginalized, accompanied if a place is given.” To the families, he pointed out that whoever “has a son or a daughter with a homosexual tendency does not have to fire them, they have to create the family framework so that they live in peace.”

The Pope Francisco He criticized countries that apply the death penalty to homosexuals and do not dare to say things as they are. “They never say the word; they say ‘rogue actions’ or something. They use a twist to say it. No, that’s wrong. That’s wrong. Is very bad. I believe that no one should be discriminated against (…) ”, she emphasized.

“Every man and every woman has to have a window in their life where they can pour out their hope and where they can see the dignity of God. And being gay is not a crime. It is a human condition,” he added.